“Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez

“Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez is an American interpretation of Indian culture. Though there is no reference to the culture within the lyrics themselves, the instrumental drums mixed with a modern beat indicates Indian influence. The music video as well utilizes female dancers and imitates classical Indian dance moves, especially in the hand gestures. However, despite these representations this music video is arguably a bastardization of the Indian culture in the way that the music video sexualizes the culture without addressing it properly.

The music video opens in silence, with a sensual image of Selena wearing red lipstick, and a wide view of a lavender field.  We then begin to hear the Indian influence through the heavy usage of drums, and see the image of several men in turbans playing the Tabla, thus confirming the Indian influence on the music video. Briefly following, the beat drums and electronic music layers over the drums while Selena sings to the camera, “when you’re ready come and get it”. Following this the music video continues with a mix of modern and classical Indian dance, wind blowing in a lavender field, and Selena engaging with a man, thus enticing the female gaze in addition to the male gaze.

While it is, overall, an incredibly enjoyable and catchy song, the music video maintains entirely different implications about the Indian culture. Though it is lighthearted and fun to watch, to the untrained mind it is entirely misrepresenting an Indian culture. This does not indicate that Indian culture does not include sex and sexual experiences, for those aspects are certainly a part of every culture. Rather, it implies sexualization in every part of the Indian culture by only showing that as opposed to other aspects, like prayer.

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